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Buy the new TP album Decadence here via PayPal!!

why, you ask? I mean…because $10 is hella cheap, it’s got twenty new songs, it’s in an actual jewel case, shipping is free, it’s great, and you need it!!!

you can get it for the special, limited time price of $6 if you make a $5 or more donation at this show:

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it’s another snow day, so here’s a brand new song! Thanks, Keyboard! 

the lyrics:

If I embrace my indifference for the outcome, I survive. arrogantly matching life’s coldness is the only way to thrive. life can’t tempt me with its fallible indulgences. I’m apathetic towards existence and your love will never change that. I have never felt anything for anything at all. I don’t understand what people mean when they speak of pain and pleasure. everything’s a trifle; you won’t make me concede. I don’t care for life or death and your love will never change that.


I couldn’t be more grateful for my 7 followers, but how do I get more??

"decrepit, irrelevant" [free download]

here is a new song I made last night, composed and recorded entirely on my new keyboard (except the drum loop which I found on Phat Drum Loops (and I guess you could say the vocals technically weren’t recorded with the keyboard, but you know what I meant and frankly I think you’re just trying to make me look like a asshole.))

I am really happy with this one. I think you’ll find it to be much different from mostly anything else I’ve done, certainly with Trench Party at least. I guess I should shout out Everclear for making this song possible. the lyrics are about being really old and realizing you can no longer really do anything to change the world anymore and you sort of have to be demoted to a spectator when it comes to that.

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There’s a new review of DECADENCE on the Creative Loafing (Atlanta) website!! humongous thank-yous to Chad Radford as well as the rest of the CL staff and the population of the entire world. Buy Decadence. It’s amazing that an independent musician can still garner themselves even a marginal amount of respect in this wretched cultural wasteland called America which glorifies mindless mediocrity and OH shit I gotta go, there’s like ten people in line waiting to order

NEW SONG!! : "This Song is Totally Gonna Get Me Laid"

HELLO EVERYONE! please continue to purchase Decadence if you haven’t already!

here is a brand new song recorded on the sweet keyboard my dad got me for xmas! enjoy!

DECADENCE is available now!

Ladies, ladies, ladies…™

My name is Jake. I live in (metro)Atlanta and I have a solo indie music project called Trench Party. Since I was 13 I’ve been independently recording/producing albums of my own music. I’ve made-by-hand and distributed for free at least forty million-billion albums over the years which have garnered me somewhat of a cult following with the help of a live band formed last year with Steven (House Cat) and Alex (Archaeology). 
Terminal Detour has always been the banner under which I’ve released these albums, as well as the albums of bands I was in. When I was 15 I briefly attempted to make T.D. a mailorder punk distro to sell my own albums and had a website and a few things for sale. I even made a trade with another label (which incidentally dissolved soon after). The distro stagnated quickly, however, as I had virtually no financial support and “wanted to destroy capitalism”. I’ve continued to release albums since then, always under Terminal Detour, though I had forgotten any actual ambition I had for the label until recently. Last year I decided my destiny was to revitalize the label and start legitimately releasing albums of the musical excursions of myself and my friends.
I am pleased, proud, thrilled, stoked, hyped, zooted, happy and excited to announce the first “official” release of Terminal Detour: Trench Party’s Decadence. It has 20 songs and comes in an actual jewel case (rather than wrapped in tin foil or twigs or whatever the hell I was using before)! It has a beautifully printed 4 panel art insert designed by me and an incredible painting on the inside tray by my Ann Marie Lowman! The music itself was recorded over the period of two years in houses in which my friends or I have lived in DahlonegaAtlanta,Lilburn and Decatur and I can confidently say its my best work to date. This album overwhelms me with positive emotions!!!

Go here to buy the album for only $10 via paypal!

Go here to stream the whole album for free!

Thank you all very much!! You are all fantastic!!!


hey you like trench party?


i’m sorry for saying that in all caps, that was obnoxious

"HACK" (2010) 6 songs.

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"so I was thinking about how NOFX used to like put out those eps before they dropped an album that had songs from the album and a few new songs and I was thnking that that was really fuckin smart and a good way to get people hyped for the full length so this shit has 3 songs from DECADENCE and three new songs including a cover of a song by my boy alex aka archaeology. the bomb!!!”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"Kitchen" (2010) 6 songs.

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"this album is aiight but I think it was like poorly conceived…I wanted to make like the most stylistically dark pop music I could and sort of tell a story about a dude going crazy with depression/anger but i think it just plays like i’m kind of a melodramatic fuck haha…naw naw but punknews and razorcake gave this shit hilariously terrible reviews but people seem to like it but this is def my least favorite tp album…still dope though”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"Anxiety" (2010) 10 songs.

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"this motherfucker is truly off the chain…it was recorded in the dahlonega apartment bedroom I shared with ann marie last year. some of these tracks are pretty emotional and people have told me they relate to it the most…this cool dude requested the song "confusing to be a man" at a show last month but alex and steven don’t know it yet so I was like sorry man but I gotta teach them that shit because its ill, its ILL! a great great album.”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"Mercy" (2009) 6 songs.

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"yo so I want to buy shit online but I mad fucked up my credit so i cant get a debit card or whatever…so I had this idea I’ma just buy american express gift cards and use those, you just gotta call them bitches up and get them to put your name on the card and then youre good to go I just bought the new henry rollins album off amazonmp3 and the card was straight as fuck so this is awesome! I can’t believe I never thought of this before i’m gonna be crazy buyin shit off line from now on!!!

this album is really really good, the drums were recorded at a house in cabbagetown my friends used to live in…ben those are your drums homie.”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"Smashing" (2009) 5 songs.

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"real talk, I made this ep for my girl for valentines day because I fuckin love her <3. its 5 covers of smashing pumpkins songs…the beats are like crazzy though I made it all with garageband and I didn’t touch a guitar when recording it since she loves electronic music and i thought it would bea dope challenge…the result is some incredibly nice breaks thats sure to get ya neck doin like this:

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"[untitled]" (2009) 18 songs.

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"whoaa okay first of all I got to say that I meant no disrepsct to rittz when I put him on the cover of this greatest hits collection. i was just like makin the cover and I usually just use whatevers sittin around my room and i had a bunch of singles of that “770” song so I cut you out of one of them bitches and put you on top of like this psychadelc backround but only because that picture is ballin, rittz! chill dude

this is the punkest shit i’ve ever made. certified classic right here.”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010