“making dollars is the only thing that makes sense”

I wrote and recorded this song at ann marie’s house when I was 18. I think it was right after I had released the [untitled] compilation. I guess it’s about the impending economic collapse at the time…most likely inspired by the fact that I had a really hard time finding a job. it’s a fan-favorite! my friend brittany used it for her show the cause, and it was also on the first terminal detour compilation, a terminal detour tribute to patrick swayze and the trench party b-side comp loose. be sure to check out all that stuff I just mentioned, and also check out beatlanta and a pile of lo-fi! who were nice enough to plug the aforementioned b-side comp on their respective blogs.


for a limited time only, we’re liquidating our entire inventory. nothing will be held back. everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, must go! debtors demand reimbursement or litigation. the transitory world of business is a slippery slope; those who embark are prone to failure of the worst kind. we were like pioneers, our pride our only sustenance. our bottom line is the golden horizon because making dollars is the only thing that makes cents and sense is better than nonsense. this is your last chance for quality goods and quantity prices, this is your final opportunity.

“natural disaster”

this is a new song, recorded right before the last song I put out, what’s it called…oh yeah, "stifle yourself". this song was written on an acoustic guitar, something I’ve generally phased out of trench party completely. I don’t really like folk-ish stuff anymore, that’s why I usually record on my keyboard. this one turned out ok though…however it’s definitely a b-side.


I seem to always catch myself at a bad time when I’m not receptive to positive assimilation of information; I can only see the truth. forced to acknowledge the aching of grey matter in my dysfunctional lobes. why can’t my heart just leave my brain the hell alone? and I yearn for your embrace, girl, since you left me on my lonesome. I’m a natural disaster. I seem to be leaking joy or charisma from an invisible scratch. the daily “what am I doing, and what for?” sinks its claws into my back. I find myself sitting with my teeth clenched waiting for the hate to pass. why can’t it be as easy as it was in the past? and I yearn for your embrace, girl, since you left me on my lonesome. I’m a natural disaster. I need white noise to keep myself at bay.

the “great difficulty” video [download the track here]

here is a music video for a song from Anxiety, my highly uhh, appraised album from 2010. it was shot in the library of north georgia college and state university in dahlonega, where my girlfriend ann marie goes to school. I used to work third shift at the fucking waffle house there and one day when I got home from work at 7am ann marie was like “hey do you want to go to the library with me, I have to study” so I was like “yeah, I think I’ll film some stuff” because I was really into making movies at the time. we got a study room and I sort of staggered around the library trying to capture what it was like to be there. my camera doesn’t have a battery though so I kept having to plug it into outlets and shit and I was really tired, coffee’d out and incredibly out of it. a totally surreal/awesome experience that made for a pretty dope video in my opinion.


I have great difficulty with dealing with absurdity but it’s the only place I can call home sometimes. the chaos from above is greater than all notions of the order we’ve come to perceive as irrefutable. everything is nothing all the time. there’s no proof in belief in the divine. it’s a swirling shitstorm and it’ll take you and it’s all very silly ridiculous but it’ll break you and make you believe. your mindless institutions count for zip. if you understand anything you’re ill-equipped to live your life. your brain is not fucking ready for strife. you lose the game. no one to blame, just your inclination to try to maintain.

trench party - get a move on, ya jerk!

“get a move on, ya jerk” from Hack

download/stream the Hack EP for free here!!!

this is a song I wrote and recorded last year, just after the Decadence sessions. it’s about feeling like you suck, then feeling like you suck for thinking you suck so much, then being like “fuck this shit, I can’t just sit around thinking I suck all the time, that’s sucky” and then doing awesome shit. it is probably the quintessential Trench Party jam.


I’m working on recovering that place I existed free of guilt and indignant pride again. I know it’s somewhere between passive observation and maniacally depriving myself. This shit just gets too easy; keeping my comfort in check is like a game of wits. It’s hard not to see the extremes as tantalizing. “It’s depression or excess! Moderation is death!” I gotta learn to fucking take it sloooow. I’m telling myself that I’m a good guy; I shouldn’t be discouraged by my own proclivity toward enjoyment. Just because I’m not struggling doesn’t mean I have to ritualistically lash myself like an Opus Dei. I’ll focus on my breathing and say in my head once again, “I’m doing all that I can” and regardless of whether or not that’s good enough, there’s no time to self-analyze or wallow in regret. I’ve got work to do and I better get a move on soon.

what's up with trench party?

I make depressing ass pop/soul music that suxxxx

What's your mission statement?

"Try to make good-ass music"



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here is a really great new song I recorded yesterday in the basement. writing it was a magical experience…I had the music part down and when I started writing lyrics they were initially about my depression and how it was pointless to try to get myself out of it because it would just happen again and I should probably just kill myself, etc. but then I got to the second part of the song and found that I wasn’t really moved to write words like that anymore because I simply felt better. so the song is literally a conversation between my depressed self and my happy self. 

I don’t know, I think I’m probably bipolar. this shit happens all the time. hopefully one day I can afford antidepressants. until then…TRENCH PARTY lives!!!


hey everybody, I’m Trench Party here with another brand new song. it’s about a gay dude coming out of the closet, inspired by that queen song “don’t stop me now”. I’m not sure if that’s what that song is about but it sure sounds like it and it’s totally awesome. queen rules. my shit is awesome too though and if you agree remember to tell your friends and whoever about my band Trench Party. support local kickass music yall

aight I’m outz

Trench Party presents…”Vacation”

hello everybody! my name is Jake and this is the brand new EP of my solo-project trench party! it’s called Vacation, it’s 8 songs composed on keyboard, and it is drastically different from all my other stuff. regardless, it is my best effort to date and I’m incredibly excited to show it to you! please DOWNLOAD A .ZIP OF THE ENTIRE ALBUM or enjoy it for free at a vast variety of internet locations:








TRENCH PARTY presents…

»»»”sad gay dude”««<

from the album Decadence.

trench party - sleep terror

please enjoy the new trench party single entitled “sleep terror” (alternate title: “whatever it takes I know I can make it through”). it is perhaps my funkiest, most danceable song ever and is certainly not to be uhh missed! also freely savor my remix of the young jeezy/mannie fresh composition “and then what?”

LYRICS: trust yourself. you can’t trust yourself when biology occurs and your fight or fight instinct is perturbed. when a bump in the night causes you to wake up screaming with your hands around the throat of the love of your life, you’ll know I’m right. you can’t even leave yourself unattended for a mere forty winks, for the primate in your brain has got itself a testy violent streak. you can’t even not question reality; that ache of doubt is yours. what if you awake to find your life is over?

the new ridiculous jacket album was completed yesterday. that’s the cover. it features 10 new tracks produced by nutz and jacket hisself. it’s really really fucking good. it will drop simultaneously with the new trench party EP vacation.

track list be’s like:

1. a.h.b.s. (produced by Jacket)

2. dick jacket (produced by Jacket)

3. hate jacket (produced by Jacket)

4. my invective (produced by Nutz)

5. mafioso shit (produced by Nutz)

6. ughh yeah yeah (produced by Nutz)

7. boo! (produced by Nutz) <—-stream or download it up there^^^

8. ghost (produced by Jacket)

9. prophecy (produced by Nutz)

10. goodnight (produced by Nutz)