what's up with trench party?

I make depressing ass pop/soul music that suxxxx

What's your mission statement?

"Try to make good-ass music"



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here is a really great new song I recorded yesterday in the basement. writing it was a magical experience…I had the music part down and when I started writing lyrics they were initially about my depression and how it was pointless to try to get myself out of it because it would just happen again and I should probably just kill myself, etc. but then I got to the second part of the song and found that I wasn’t really moved to write words like that anymore because I simply felt better. so the song is literally a conversation between my depressed self and my happy self. 

I don’t know, I think I’m probably bipolar. this shit happens all the time. hopefully one day I can afford antidepressants. until then…TRENCH PARTY lives!!!


hey everybody, I’m Trench Party here with another brand new song. it’s about a gay dude coming out of the closet, inspired by that queen song “don’t stop me now”. I’m not sure if that’s what that song is about but it sure sounds like it and it’s totally awesome. queen rules. my shit is awesome too though and if you agree remember to tell your friends and whoever about my band Trench Party. support local kickass music yall

aight I’m outz

Trench Party presents…”Vacation”

hello everybody! my name is Jake and this is the brand new EP of my solo-project trench party! it’s called Vacation, it’s 8 songs composed on keyboard, and it is drastically different from all my other stuff. regardless, it is my best effort to date and I’m incredibly excited to show it to you! please DOWNLOAD A .ZIP OF THE ENTIRE ALBUM or enjoy it for free at a vast variety of internet locations:








TRENCH PARTY presents…

»»»”sad gay dude”««<

from the album Decadence.

trench party - sleep terror

please enjoy the new trench party single entitled “sleep terror” (alternate title: “whatever it takes I know I can make it through”). it is perhaps my funkiest, most danceable song ever and is certainly not to be uhh missed! also freely savor my remix of the young jeezy/mannie fresh composition “and then what?”

LYRICS: trust yourself. you can’t trust yourself when biology occurs and your fight or fight instinct is perturbed. when a bump in the night causes you to wake up screaming with your hands around the throat of the love of your life, you’ll know I’m right. you can’t even leave yourself unattended for a mere forty winks, for the primate in your brain has got itself a testy violent streak. you can’t even not question reality; that ache of doubt is yours. what if you awake to find your life is over?

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Buy the new TP album Decadence here via PayPal!!

why, you ask? I mean…because $10 is hella cheap, it’s got twenty new songs, it’s in an actual jewel case, shipping is free, it’s great, and you need it!!!

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it’s another snow day, so here’s a brand new song! Thanks, Keyboard! 

the lyrics:

If I embrace my indifference for the outcome, I survive. arrogantly matching life’s coldness is the only way to thrive. life can’t tempt me with its fallible indulgences. I’m apathetic towards existence and your love will never change that. I have never felt anything for anything at all. I don’t understand what people mean when they speak of pain and pleasure. everything’s a trifle; you won’t make me concede. I don’t care for life or death and your love will never change that.


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"decrepit, irrelevant" [free download]

here is a new song I made last night, composed and recorded entirely on my new keyboard (except the drum loop which I found on Phat Drum Loops (and I guess you could say the vocals technically weren’t recorded with the keyboard, but you know what I meant and frankly I think you’re just trying to make me look like a asshole.))

I am really happy with this one. I think you’ll find it to be much different from mostly anything else I’ve done, certainly with Trench Party at least. I guess I should shout out Everclear for making this song possible. the lyrics are about being really old and realizing you can no longer really do anything to change the world anymore and you sort of have to be demoted to a spectator when it comes to that.

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