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I’ve made three attempts to make it through Trench Party’s CD Decadence. I’m giving up. Recorded by Jake Cook in his mom’s basement and other exotic locales, it’s 20 tracks of the dullest bummer boredom you’ll ever endure.” -Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer

"There is something truly great about this video though it’s hard to capture in words, but seeing as that difficulty has never stopped me from trying to describe, I will take a go at it. I know Jake and Ian, so the surprising beauty that this video possesses goes deeper than it may for a viewer who knows neither of them. There is something about the slow, simple cinematography that really captures me, I feel like this video captures some part of our generation in a very profound way. Perhaps it is the dark lyrics coupled with the seeming joy of Ian (despite laughing like a jackass) that express more together than if they were separate but whatever it is this video deserves mass dissemination and multiple views in order to refine the vague but powerful feelings it evokes." -kenneth pararo, host of Molt., reviewing the music video for “your agenda”

"Trench Party is one of the most prolific (not to mention lyrically + musically literate) acts around."

"it’s when you get to see shows like this, where it’s a 19 year old kid who can’t get his laptop to work, so he has to sing over his own cd playing in a boom box jurry rigged up to the amp…. that’s when you have something special.

There were 10 people there to watch him, and his set (aside from singing over his own cd, and accidentally shutting off the power to the boombox twice) also consisted of him ripping up an eMachines computer box and Styrofoam. I can’t hate on anyone with a genuine passion for what they do.”

"Trench Party (local) was one brave loony soul, singing political pop over a boom box with a mic up against it. He fell a lot and lost his glasses a lot."

"So this guy gets to the stage and he has a keyboard
And well, when I see a keyboard, normally I expect more band members
Not that there’s anything wrong with the keyboard, I love it
I used to play it
I just wasn’t expecting this guy to be alone
Especially not with a name like Trench Party.
He has a bit of difficulty setting up at first, and that’s fine
I don’t really think they expected it either.
So with all this uncertainty lingering in the air
You almost kind of want the guy to be amazing
To be like this awesome hidden talent
…That was most certainly not the case.
Again, not that it was bad
It was certainly…unusual.
He gets up there and he’s all like
"Yea so…the name’s Trench Party, that’s for damn sure."
And you’re like
well, okay…apparently you wanna be a badass…lets see what you got.

…and then he proceeds to talk about this concept album
about the majesty of dragons.
I’m sorry
I was like
…Wtf?! Dragons?!
And he was dead serious about this.
That’s what made everything so much more comical
As if it weren’t funny enough.
He was so fucking serious.
Again, it does take some serious cajones to get on stage like that
But seriously…

He offers the audience free cocaine for going to his myspace and downloading his albums
and I’m pretty sure he’s kinda serious about that.
So you’re kinda torn
Do I laugh, or do I want free cocaine?
Dilemmas, Dilemmas.

I only made it to the first verse of the 2nd song
I couldn’t take anymore.
The wife whispering “baby, what the fuck is going on? why does he sound like he’s crying”
in my ear certainly did not help the situation.
We had to leave
And I laughed
and laughed
until I cried
several times.”