“can’t suture the future” from mercy

another old trench party song, recorded in the year 2009 in an apartment in dahlonega and a Ben’s bedroom in cabbagetown, atlanta. a hippie anthem of sorts, about the impending human-induced apocalypse or something…in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t actually care about any of that shit. thanks for listening, it’s trench party!


we finally completely depleted our fresh water. from coast the ocean the ocean is toxic with our sludge. now the soil is useless. no vegetation will thrive. the sky is muddy with poisons screaming to escape our atmosphere. the populace is choked with fear for the fate of humanity. bolt up your doors now and seal all your windows tight. earth will have her vengeance tonight. your faith in your children to amend the mess we’ve made is gone because we’ve not a future. our decadence finally has caught up with us. we created gods to give us the planet and say unto us we could do as we pleased. never for once did we admit our complicity in the bringing of our own demise. fire is raining from the skies. let’s rejoice in her victory!