"Smashing" (2009) 5 songs.

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"real talk, I made this ep for my girl for valentines day because I fuckin love her <3. its 5 covers of smashing pumpkins songs…the beats are like crazzy though I made it all with garageband and I didn’t touch a guitar when recording it since she loves electronic music and i thought it would bea dope challenge…the result is some incredibly nice breaks thats sure to get ya neck doin like this:

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"[untitled]" (2009) 18 songs.

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"whoaa okay first of all I got to say that I meant no disrepsct to rittz when I put him on the cover of this greatest hits collection. i was just like makin the cover and I usually just use whatevers sittin around my room and i had a bunch of singles of that “770” song so I cut you out of one of them bitches and put you on top of like this psychadelc backround but only because that picture is ballin, rittz! chill dude

this is the punkest shit i’ve ever made. certified classic right here.”

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"Alright!" (2008) 40 songs.

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"this is a greeat album i listened to it again the otehr day for the first time in a long time, i was obviously a very angry 18 yr old dude but i made some sick riffs and this album is like ridicalous all over the place like country to pop indie to fuckin whatever and it established some things that became staples of the band for all time like the melodies the major/minor chords the harmonies, damn this shit is sweet, download IT"

-Jake Cook, from his home office, 2010

"SANTA BABY" [download mp3]

Here is a video of me covering my favorite Christmas song ever! Everclear also covered this song…and I also covered an Everclear song…so 3 DEGREES OF XMAS SEPARATION! 


hello! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who download Loose vol. 1 so far (like 50 people, dude!)…and thanks in particular to the shout out it received from A Pile of Lo-Fi!

APOLF! is an exceptional series of compilations available for free download on CLLCT.org featuring the work of independent musicians from all over the world! T’party songs are on comps 3, 5 and 7. You should download themshits…ALL themshits

Keep it crispy,

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new Trench Party b-sides compilation!

all right!! in an effort to make this website more concise and have all my songs available for download, last night I hastily put together a compilation of songs I’ve recorded which never got on albums for whatever reason. it is called "loose" and you can download that boy here.

here’s what tracks:

1. making dollars is the only thing that makes sense (recorded during the [untitled] sessions but I think I already had too many songs on that album or something. later used on a terminal detour tribute to patrick swayze and a limited edition reissue of "NEWS" with 3 bonus songs.)

2. exploitation song (recorded during the Alright! sessions but I decided I didn’t really like it. later used on the "NEWS" reissue)

3. funday breakfast (recorded during the Alright! sessions)

4. mackaye of the storm (acoustic demo of a song that was going to be on an album called necessity which was conceptualized but never really recorded except for a few songs that wound up on DECADENCE)

5. burning with youth (recorded recently. probably won’t be on an album)

6. sporadic pace (whale milk cover) (recorded during the sessions for the ill-fated Whale Milk split album)

7. my hands are killing me (recorded for necessity. a different, full-band version appears on DECADENCE)

8. the loneliest man (recorded during the HACK sessions. I don’t know if this will be on an album or not)

9. horses are naysayers (recorded for necessity)

10. necessity (written for necessity, but this version was recorded for a daily music blog I used to have called the glenn beckoner which is now defunct. the trench party band periodically plays this song at shows)

11. we call them god (written and recorded for the glenn beckoner. this is a sequel to "you call us god" from mercy)

12. the unbelievable righteousness of bean (recorded for necessity)

13. mosh for jesus (dillinger four cover) (recorded for the glenn beckoner)

14. american apartment (recorded for necessity)

15. experimental sleepy (recorded for the glenn beckoner when I was really tired)

16. strawberry (everclear cover) (recorded for the glenn beckoner)

17.  we are not the same, I am a martian (demo version originally recorded for necessity but later re-recorded twice for the upcoming split cassette with House Cat)

18. your agenda (recorded recently and used in this music video. I could imagine a full-band recording of this ending up on a future album)


welcome to the new Trench Party website!

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